Festival Warm-up:

The State of Innovation in 2033.

Join us this May for the official Something Fest 2023 warmup, an evening of connections, inspiration, mind blowing content and fun (always fun). It’s just a little a snapshot of what we have in store for the festival this August. 

Event at a glance.

Date: Wednesday May 17
Time: 5:15pm to 7.30pm (Drinks from 5.15, Panel from 6pm)
Cost: Free
Venue: Smoked Garage, 126 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley

Panel Discussion. The State of Innovation in 2033.

A lot happens in 10 years, especially in a tech world which is heavily influenced by global events and complex problems.


With a theme of interconnections, Something Fest will explore the intricacies of our intertwined tech-enabled futures. For the purposes of this session, we will do it with a 10-year outlook, as a taster of what you can expect at the August Festival. 


Human-tech interactions are simple to understand today. However, as we increase our movements between IRL and online, we will start shifting out of our comfort zone.


Adding complexities such as the multiverse, unknown realities, collaborative intelligence, advanced robotics, human enhancement, privacy issues, and cybercrime, our world can turn upside down.


But does it have to be this way?


  • How can we turn our fears into opportunities and lean into the unknown to make a positive impact on our planet, improve health spans, strengthen our organisations and become better humans?
  • How do we build organisational long-term views to harness the changes we cannot see?
  • How can businesses predict consumer and human behaviour to navigate the new technologies, create better experiences and grow through the opportunities?
  • How do we build a workforce of the future that leverages cutting-edge technologies whilst delivering value to customers and organisations?
  • How will the human-tech interconnections we are forming today, morph into our future virtual worlds?

An outstanding speaker lineup.