Fringe Events

We are inviting select organisations and ecosystem leaders to host a fringe event for their community during the Something Fest week.


Fringe events run are intended to further support and amplify Something Fest, whilst providing a unique opportunity for organisations to engage their community through the week.

Hosting a Fringe Event.

What is a Fringe Event?

  • A fringe event could take many different shapes. From breakfast to dinner, an intimate networking event or a mastermind – these short sharp and punchy events are run by the community for the community.
  • Fringe events should be free for attendees (or very low cost) and have a relevant digital, innovation or tech spin..

Who is eligible to run a fringe event?

  • The opportunity to run a fringe event is open to community organisations and associations.
  • If you represent a corporate entity and wish to run a fringe event, talk to us about our partnership opportunities.
  • You should require minimal sponsorship to ensure the sustainability of the event (this should not be seen as a raising opportunity).

When do the run and how long do they run for?

  • Fringe events should roughly be 2-3 hours long.
  • In 2024, we have designated set times when fringe events should run – this is to avoid clashes with the main programming.
  • Preferred times include:
  • Morning events: Tue – Friday, 7am to 9am
  • Evening events: Mon, Tue + Thu, 4pm onwards

What does it cost?

  • Running a fringe event is free, but you must hold a paid ticket to Something Digital or Something Tech.

What we will give you.

  • Social media shout outs via the Something Fest channels about your Fringe event.
  • All fringe events will be listed on the Something Fest website under the Fringe Event page.
  • Permission to promote your event as an official Something Fest Fringe event.
  • Ready to go marketing content and resources

What we ask in return.

  • You keep an open dialogue in planing your event so we can all actively avoid audience clashes.
  • If it makes sense, we would love for you to tie your event in with this year’s theme – Empower Every Human.
  • Mention that your event is a Something Fest Fringe event when promoting.
  • At least 1-2 social posts promoting the wider festival.
  • A post event update including:
    • How many people attended the event
    • Photos from the event