Who should attend?

Something DigitalAnyone working in or on digital innovation & strategies
Something TechThose interested in the startup and emerging tech ecosystems
Something QThose keen to deep dive into the policies & opportunities driving QLD


Our audience is as diverse as the innovation ecosystem itself!


Whether you are the Policy Lead in a government department, the Founder of a startup, the Digital Innovation Manager in a corporate or a Virtual Reality Choreographer in an arts organisation then Something Fest has something for you!


Whilst each main activation has a particular audience at heart, the boundaries between one and the other can get a bit hazy. This is why you are able to either join us for one activation or for the whole week!


Of course, we don’t expect you to join in on each and every session, you can jump in and out. However, the week long ticket will allow you to experience those aspects of Something Fest which are more relevant to your role or more interesting to your life!