2024 Partners

We are inviting leading organisations who value digital, innovation and technology to help us shape Something Fest in 2024.


If you are interested in finding out more about partnership opportunities, drop us a line on hello@somethingfest.com.au.

Collaborative Partner

The role of Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur makes a significant impact to the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Queensland.

The Chief Entrepreneur is the flag-bearer for innovation and entrepreneurship in Queensland. From helping founders take their first steps to get their business off the ground, to working with government and industry to identify valuable problems that can be solved with innovation, to connecting talent to companies and creating a supportive environment.



Networking Drinks Partner

InfoTrack is a leading technology innovator within the property space. The award-winning solutions that InfoTrack offers are designed to streamline client’s data so they can more meaningfully interpret the information in a swifter and more secure way. Our suite of over 4,500 different products includes verification of identity, electronic signing, settlement services, searches, and certificates, and so much more. These enable our clients to find, analyse, organise, and communicate information efficiently and effectively.



Community Partners

Founding Partners

Something Fest was born through an epic collaboration between Something Digital, River City Labs, PropTech BNE.


At the forefront, the collaboration allows us to bring our strengths, communities and powers to the table, creating a truly inclusive festival for Queensland’s innovation ecosystem. It also amplifies our efforts, voice and content – creating a unique offering not seen in any other state.

Something Digital exists to bring together and strengthen Queensland’s digital innovation ecosystem.

Whilst technology is key to solving complex problems, it is the digital piece that transforms the technology into human-centred platforms which can be used, marketed and sold. Digital innovation is the bridge between technology and humanity.

River City Labs is an incubator for Queensland’s tech start up ecosystem. We are focused on driving innovation by providing resources to empower, support and connect tech entrepreneurs, startup and scaleup businesses.

We facilitate a diverse range of programs, events and engagement opportunities through our community of Entrepreneurs, Alumnis, Mentors, Private and Government partnerships, our Investor and global network, to elevate the local Queensland ecosystem. 

Proptech BNE. exists to support the development of the proptech community here in Brisbane and Southeast Queensland.

Proptech BNE. focusses on supporting all aspects of the property technology sector from Residential Real Estate to Construction and everything in between by being a centralised platform for promotional activities for the sector, facilitating industry connections, and regular events.